Hosted by:

Egyptian Functional Fitness Federation

Date: Dec 10-11th 2021

Location: The New Capital Sports City, The New Capital, Cairo. Egypt


International Functional Fitness Federation
 is thee National Governing Body serving the legal framework to bring Functional Fitness to the Olympic Games.

We provide international leadership, structure, and resources to fuel the growth of functional fitness as a sport as well as enrich the experience and safety of its worldwide participants.

Our mission is to create a pathway for competitive functional fitness to be included in the Olympic Games by developing a governance structure which provides rules, safety standards, judge training, and competitive opportunities for athletes.

We serve to provide rules, movement standards, and safety protocols for use in functional fitness competitions, guidance to National Federations, training for judges, news, event information, and much much more.


Egyptian Functional Fitness Federation
is the National Governing Body for competitive functional fitness in Egypt. EFFF is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to promote and grow the functional fitness as a competitive sport in Egypt. EFFF is an official member of the International Functional Fitness Federation (iF3)

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EFFF is focused not only on enhancing the competitive experience for the athletes but also for the judges, coaches, and spectators.
EFFF is responsible for the creation of the Functional Fitness National team which will represent Egypt in the iF3 World Championships.
The EFFF is also the official host for the 2021 iF3 Masters World Championships





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