About Aruba

About ARUBA…Your happy place!

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Our tiny island gem is nestled in the warm Southern Caribbean with nearly 100 different nationalities happily living together. We welcome all visitors with sunny smiles and a warm embrace.

Ever ask yourself: Where is Aruba? In the warm waters of the Southern Caribbean, just outside of the hurricane belt, that’s where. Our happy island.

Only 19.6 miles long and six miles across, our beautiful speck of powdery-white sand is a paradise shaped by the sea—an island that embraces you with warm sunny days and even warmer, sunnier people.

  To the south and west, Aruba is alive with resorts, shopping, and nightlife. To the north, waves and wind sculpt rugged coastlines and limestone cliffs. And in our heart, Arikok National Park protects a sprawling landscape of desert sand, towering cacti, and natural wonders. 

Aruba is easy to reach…

Each day, we welcome happy visitors through the cruise port of Aruba or our state-of-the-art international airport. At the Queen Beatrix International Airport, you’ll find frequent nonstop, or convenient single-connection flights from most major U.S. cities, as well as daily flights from all major hubs, around the world.

American, Canadian, Caribbean, European and most South American citizens don’t require visas to enter Aruba. And as an added convenience, you can even fill out your Embarkation-Disembarkation Card online before you leave. Consider it your gateway to happiness.

Passports & Visas for Aruba
Info: https://www.aruba.com/us/plan-your-visit/getting-to-aruba/passports-and-visas

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